The Power of
A ZOOM Bible study on the Power of I AM with Danielle Cavarlho. 
Tuesday’s beginning September 19th (21 weeks) at 6:30pm for Men & Women.
A recording will be posted for those that can not make that time. 
This course offers a practical tool that will help you harness the Power of I Am and become who God made you to be- an amazing, original masterpiece chosen by the Most High God to do great things . It offers the same encouragement in daily doses supplemented by inspirational and thought-provoking material. You will find a wealth of scriptures, inspirational quotations, selected stories, prayers and points for contemplation. All are provided to engage you in a process of reflection that will enhance your faith and help you to rise to a new level of being your best.
You will learn 19 powerful “I AM’s for your life that will help you reach the highest level of your destiny!



Meeting ID: 858 3595 3347
Passcode: 682331
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